Spring 2024 Peer Mentorship Application is Open

Meetings start in April 2024.

Registration is now open for Xcelerate Women’s Spring Peer Mentor Groups.

Join a small group of women business owners like you, matched by growth stage and business needs. Xcelerate’s peer groups are a facilitated space to share successes and struggles, collaborate and ideate, set goals and hold each other accountable in community. 

“I continue to benefit so much from being in community with other entrepreneurs. Being able to hold and share stories takes a lot of the edge and anxiety off to the experience for me. I also really love the days when a coach is brought in to present and talk to us in a small group. Each coach has been so wonderful and really brought a lot of knowledge to the table. Day has been a wonderful guide and facilitator.” - Spring 2023 Peer Group Participant

Xcelerate peer groups meet twice a month during Fall, Winter, and Spring. Owners commit to show up for each other through consistent participation over a three month term and can re-up or opt-out quarterly. Participation across the full nine months provides a comprehensive array of goal setting and learning opportunities to help grow your toolbox and exceed expectations.

Spring Peer Group Meeting weeks:

  • April 15 (in person)
  • April 29 (virtual)
  • May 13 (in person - Skills Intensive*)
  • May 27 (virtual)
  • June 10 (in person - Skills Intensive*)
  • March 24 (virtual)

*2024 Skills Intensives: 

  • Winter (Jan-Mar): Finance + Sales and Marketing 
  • Spring (Apr-Jun): Strategy and Mindset + Sales and Marketing
  • Fall (Sept - Nov): Admin and Ops + Sales and Marketing

Peer groups meet at either 10am or 1pm on a weekday and alternate between in-person and virtual gatherings. Space is limited and early registration is encouraged. Sign up here.

“Overall, what I like most about these groups is that I feel less alone in my experience. I like hearing about everyone else's experiences and having a space to be heard and supported in my own experience. This term I appreciated the ideas that came from the marketing session. That was really helpful. I've already implemented one of her suggestions.” - Spring 2023 Peer Group Participant

Xcelerate Peer Mentorship is for women business owners who are ready to:

  • Practice accountability and goal setting
  • Be supported as a human and a business owner
  • Address barriers and celebrate wins in real time with people who “get it”
  • Learn from gender and culturally competent coaches and facilitators
  • Invest in the growth of their business

“Walking away with great tools for both goal setting and communication. My moderator was engaging and a wonderful listener. I loved the group I was with and enjoyed being at a similar stage of business as them.” - Spring 2023 Peer Group Participant 

Sign up for Spring Peer Mentor Groups here. 

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