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Happy Hour with Xcelerate Women and Freeland Spirits Event Recap

On March 20th, 2024, the air was buzzing with excitement as Xcelerate Women joined forces with Freeland Spirits, the pioneering female-founded distillery, for an evening of celebration, connection, and empowerment. Hosted at Freeland Spirits’ beautiful distillery in the heart of NW Portland, the event brought together a dynamic blend of past and present Xcelerate Women participants, board members, coaches, and emerging women-owned beverage companies, all under one roof.

Three images combined, Jill Kuehler speaking into a microphone, Jill Kuehler hugging Abby Guyer, and Abby Guyer speaking into the microphone

The evening marked an exciting full circle as Jill Kuehler, the visionary founder of Freeland Spirits, who participated in Xcelerate Women’s inaugural cohort, talked about her journey from participant to industry trailblazer. Jill’s story stands as a testament to the power of community and support fostered by organizations like Xcelerate Women.

Photo collage of women-owned beverage companies,  Herbucha, For Bitter or Worse, Palmys, Tropink, and Maté Party

Adding to the evening's allure were the up-and-coming women-owned beverage companies, Herbucha, For Bitter or Worse, Palmys, Tropink, and Maté Party, showcasing their innovative products and tantalizing taste profiles. Their presence not only highlighted the diversity and creativity within the industry but also served as a reminder of the importance of elevating and amplifying female and gender expansive voices in traditionally male-dominated spaces.

Four photos in a collage, largest photo shows two women holding red tickets, photo in upper right of woman drinking and laughing, center right photo of two women taking a selfie, bottom right photo has group of women seated and laughing.

Central to the event's spirit of giving back, 10% of bar sales for the evening were generously donated to Xcelerate Women, further fueling our commitment to empower, educate, and support women business owners across Oregon. As glasses clinked and laughter filled the air, it was evident that this gathering was more than just a networking opportunity—it was a celebration of resilience, solidarity, and the boundless potential of women in business.

Two photo collage, first of a bartender pouring a drink, second of a drink with an Xcelerate printed item

Signature cocktails featuring the exquisite spirits of Freeland Spirits and the innovative offerings of the featured beverage companies added an extra layer of delight to the evening, enticing the taste buds and igniting conversations around craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, and the art of the cocktail.

Two photo collage, left photo of two women hugging, right photo of two women high fiving

As the night drew to a close, hearts were full, and new connections were forged, underscoring the enduring impact of transformative communities like Xcelerate Women and visionary businesses like Freeland Spirits. With every sip and story exchanged, we celebrated changing the face of success in business, embracing a new paradigm that champions authenticity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

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