Our values


Equal access to ownership with the tools to thrive is an economic imperative for effective social transformation. Sustainable economies and gender equality are not mutually exclusive.


We believe women should have the freedom to choose their pathway in life regardless of their gender and the norms associated with their gender.


We lead in an authentic way because women want to lead with authenticity. We show up in a way that’s meaningful to us and our individual journeys, despite the dominant narrative and we believe in bucking norms because they often don’t serve our authentic selves.


We are run by women owners for women owners. We are who we serve and we stand united with one common voice, to advocate for our collective rights to equality and to be heard, seen, and felt.


We are not asking the system to reform itself, we are emerging another way of doing things for the health of our shared humanity. Are you with us? We are mobilized, fierce, relentless, bold, and resilient.


Often defined in terms of an increase in the size or scale of operations in an upward trend, we see growth in a more holistic and multidimensional way.


It takes the diversity of ideas and human experiences to make a whole and healthy social landscape.


Every woman has the right to believe in their unique capabilities to achieve their dreams. Women have a right to feel confident, perceive their own competence, feel a sense of belonging, and experience their value.

Our dedicated staff

Abby Guyer

Executive Director

Ashlan Glazier-Anderson

Communications Coordinator

Day Reed

Peer Mentorship Facilitator

Jennifer Bolanos

Administrative Assistant

Matea Ivanovic

Programs Manager

Our visionary leaders

Melanie Marconi
Board Chair; CEO and Founder at VIDA Coworking
Lauren Meyer
Board Treasurer; CEO at Eventbuilder
Ronesha Hayes
Board Secretary; Owner at Hayes Consulting & Coaching
Genevieve Brazelton
Co-Founder at The Bitter Housewife
Gloria Coleman
Principal Consultant at Exit Bliss
Katia Alcantar
Attorney at Oregon Public Broadcasting
Rachel Bell
Founder at Printer’s Row, Partner at Overcup Press
Robert Joseph
IT Delivery Director at TechSystems
Susan Liao
Owner at Leaders Like Us and Founder at Startups for All
Tracy T. Miller
SVP Global HR at Pfizer (RET)

Read up on how we’re driving economic power for women and gender-nonconforming individuals in our annual impact report. Our 990 is here, and so is our 501c3 letter.

Thank you to our generous donors.

As language evolves, so has our definition of women.

Our commitment to addressing structural disparities and challenging dominant norms hasn’t changed. But in the spirit of inclusivity and continued learning, the way we regard gender has. We’re striving for equitable access to business ownership—for an even wider range of marginalized people.

What’s happening at Xcelerate

Our community hosts a variety of events and opportunities to get involved throughout the year. We’d love to see you there.

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Marketing Mondays for Small Businesses

Marketing training series from Xcelerate Coach, Ashlan Glazier-Anderson

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Leveraging Social Media for Your Business Part 1

Marketing training series from Xcelerate Coach, Ashlan Glazier-Anderson

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Navigating ADHD & Neurodiversity as a Small Business Owner – Rational Unicorn Legal Services Event

Business strategies for neurodivergent thinkers