Meet Marvoni Young

Marvoni is the owner of Kiss the Chef.

Marvoni Young is the owner of Kiss the Chef. Read our interview with Marvoni about her experiences with Xcelerate business advising (Strategy & Mindset) and peer mentor groups.

What inspired you to start your own business? 

My health took a drastic turn in 2018 and my corporate job was no longer working for me.

What are some of your key goals, wins, and accomplishments that you worked with Xcelerate on this year? 

I got my seasoning blend ready for production and was accepted into the Getting Your Recipe to Market course. I was a guest speaker on an Xcelerate panel where I shared my knowledge of social media and how to make it work for you. I also leveled up my own socials and grew my followers. And I’ve met a lot of great business women!

How has your identity as a woman and any and all other intersectional identities impacted your business? 

Negatively, it's forced me to use my own money. Not having access to capital via loans is challenging. In hindsight, it's forced me to push my business even harder since I've had no help. Being African American and not having some of the same opportunities as others motivates me to bring awareness to the disparity of resources and create possible changes. 

What were some of the challenges you faced this year and how did working with Xcelerate help you to overcome these challenges? 

My health is a huge challenge in my business. Xcelerate helped by offering online classes, support from the staff, even if it was just words of encouragement.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your Xcelerate experience? 

The coaches, mentors and other businesses I've connected with have helped me grow in many areas of business. The events and classes that are offered have been targeted and helpful. I am thankful to be a part of Xcelerate and I am excited for continued growth. 

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