Meet Kim from Dare Heart

Kim is the founder and creator behind Dare Heart, a startup focused on bringing cotton comfort underwear to all kinds of women ethically by sourcing fabric and production on the West Coast.

After years of planning, Kim was able to roll out her first production run in 2022. No doubt this has been her greatest challenge made more difficult by the pandemic’s effect on the economy - her local production facility closed after 50 years in business. Using her experience as an entrepreneur, she knew that timelines were going to be out of her control so she embraced a slower go-to-market strategy. She found other ways to make money and used savings to hold her over.

Kim talks about what has inspired her to keep going despite the challenges, “As a portrait photographer I have witnessed first hand the impacts of societal expectations on women’s self-esteem. My antidote is to create a clothing brand that embraces women as they are - using the sustainability and craftsmanship slow fashion delivers. I believe that these personal items should be designed by women with comfort in mind. For when you are comfortable, you naturally feel more confident. My bigger vision is to displace any body shame with loving kindness for ourselves.”

Kim has always centered her needs and been an intentional entrepreneur. Shifting from a service-based business to a product-based one meant she needed more education on how to launch a consumer product. Through workshops and peer mentoring, Xcelerate offered her many of the tools she needed but also offered her up the community she desired.

“I always felt seen and I always felt heard. I believe Xcelerate sees the woman behind the business and serves to support her where she is and help put her on a path for the best chance of success.”
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