Meet Sydney Forbes

Sydney is the founder & CEO of Tonsil Tech

Sydney Forbes is the founder & CEO of Tonsil Tech. Read our interview with Sydney about her experiences with Xcelerate business advising (Consumer Products & Retail, Sales & Marketing, Capital Readiness) and peer mentor groups.

What inspired you to start your own business? 

No one else was working on the problem and we knew there had to be a better way! I wouldn't say we had all the confidence needed to jump into this endeavor but instead it was like being pulled to it and knowing we could do more to help people. There is something captivating about working on a problem others aren't focusing on, especially when it impacts 10% of the US population. We even recently had a dentist share they think it is closer to 25% which is super cool!

What are some of your key goals that you worked with Xcelerate on this year? 

We worked towards updated manufacturing! We have gone through several revisions of packaging and samples but we are getting close. I look forward to signing the final quote to start production and selling version 2.0. 

How has your identity as a woman and any and all other intersectional identities impacted your business? 

Wow! So much both from the good to the bad and even a little ugly. For the most part I have found so much support and community through peer groups that helps with the ups and downs. Being a woman in startups, medtech, and fundraising often meant I was the only woman in the room - I want to help change that! This process has really helped me find my voice and stand tall for the change I hope to make in the world. Our oral care issue also uniquely impacts women more than men so there is a lot of work around respect we can do for this issue.

What were some of the challenges you faced this year and how did working with Xcelerate help you to overcome these challenges? 

Manufacturing takes much longer than you think! It can be frustrating always feeling like the final product is right around the corner but then have delay after delay. Thanks to Xcelerate I was able to acknowledge our other wins and pause to respect that this is a part of the process. This was my first women's peer group and we were able to dive into other issues which I really appreciate. The support and community really makes a difference and it feels nice to fit in sometimes :)

Are there any wins or achievements you have celebrated this year while working with Xcelerate? 

Launching out version 2.0 will be in Q1 of 2024. We also finished negotiating and officially signed a partnership agreement this month. We will make a public announcement in a 2023 recap :)

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your Xcelerate experience? 

It was so worth the drive from Bend to Portland to meet my group in person! I also appreciated the flexibility the virtual meetings also provided :)

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