Meet Montserrat from Hey Doc Clinic

Montserrat is a Sports Medicine Chiropractor and the Founder of Hey Doc Clinic, a healthcare clinic that centers the needs of Queer, Trans and BIPOC communities in the greater Portland area.

Frustrated by how marginalized populations are treated in the American healthcare system, Montserrat knew the only way to make a difference was to become a doctor herself and advocate from the inside. She came to Xcelerate before opening her clinic, worried that she was trying to do so during a pandemic, for community and strategic support. This year saw many ripple effects of the pandemic for business owners in healthcare. As Montserrat reflects, “The most difficult challenge these last three years was seeing our structures and systems failing, harming and collapsing all around us. Deciding to start a business in that environment seemed ludicrous”. We have seen first hand Montserrat overcome these challenges and open her clinic to a very busy and full roster. When asked how she weathered the storm, she says it was with ‘love and support’ of her partner and best friends near and far. Her work also inspires her everyday - patients getting the care they need, laughter in the halls of her clinic, donors giving to her GoFundMe, providing practitioners a safe space to practice. Community has truly been the key to her success.

“Xcelerate was the help I needed that I could not have dreamed existed…I started feeling the relief of not having to figure everything out on my own. The addition of the peer leadership group was huge for me, it helps me feel less lonely, and more connected to the community of doers in Oregon. Now, every time I come across a challenge and I don't know what to do next, I call Xcelerate. They shore me up and keep me going along on my entrepreneurial journey. I'm so grateful, I don't know what I would have done without Xcelerate on my side.”
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