Meet Christine Walsh

Christine is the Owner of Majik Edibles

Christine is the Owner of Majik Edibles. Read our interview with Christine about her experiences with Xcelerate business advising (Sales & Marketing, Legal Guidance).

What inspired you to start your own business? 

After years working for companies at the executive level, I was waiting for something that ignited my passion in a way that I could take a leap of faith and apply all my skills and hustle to my own pursuit.  When I moved to Oregon, cannabis had just been legalized for recreational use and I knew that I could create my own path, vision, and mark in a new and evolving industry. Together with my partner Jason, we applied for a cannabis processing license in 2017.  

Since then, we've worked to create a brand and product that is focussed on diversity and inclusivity -  encouraging women to have their own relationship with cannabis through branding, packaging, messaging, and ownership. We strive to create an inviting entry point into cannabis for historically marginalized groups and underrepresented demographics. 

One of our guiding principles for the Majik brand is to break down typical stereotypes associated with cannabis and the historical “bro” culture the industry promotes, showing, through example, that cannabis is for everyone.

What are some of your key goals that you worked with Xcelerate on this year? 

  • Professional Product Shots and Professional Headshots
  • Website Development
  • Marketing
  • Trademarking

How has your identity as a woman and any and all other intersectional identities impacted your business? 

Pink. During my career, I opted for black, blue, or grey suits, shortened my name to "Chris" so no one could assume a gender, and generally took a masculine approach to get ahead and feel effective in predominantly male dominated executive levels.

Majik allows me to embrace my femininity and understand that it is not aside from my professional skills, it is in fact at the core of them. Today, as a business owner and cannabis professional, I openly trust my gut, lead with emotion and skill, and create, learn and give authentically. My world is proudly pink.

What were some of the challenges you faced this year and how did working with Xcelerate help you to overcome these challenges? 

COVID created a massive downturn in our industry that we haven't been able to overcome on our own. Additionally, larger and fully funded companies have come into the Oregon cannabis space making it difficult for small businesses to stay relevant.  Xcelerate has given our small business encouragement, resources, and the ability to grow and compete again in a way that we could not do on our own.

Are there any wins or achievements you have celebrated this year while working with Xcelerate? 

We launched our website! We've not been able to afford to hire and have not had the time to learn and create a site on our own. Through Xcelerate, we worked with a website developer/mentor and created and launched a site that we are proud of and that gives us the professional online presence we've needed.

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