Meet Dahlia Hanson

Dahlia is the Owner of Speed-o Cappuccino

Dahlia is the Owner of Speed-o Cappuccino. Read our interview with Dahlia about her experiences with Xcelerate business advising (Sales & Marketing).

What inspired you to start your own business? 

Sex workers! I want to see job mobility for sex workers and I want to see the skills gained from sex work translated into a variety of career choices! I want to be able to put “sex worker” on my resume and have it be a sign of accomplishment just like college, so I created a place that does that. I exclusively employ people with sex work experience. 

What are some of your key goals that you worked with Xcelerate on this year? 

I was fortunate enough to receive support to attend the Getting Your Recipe to Market course and meet several amazing business owners that have launched their products inside retail locations. I spent the time after the course perfecting the business plan and launch plan for Flower Slut, edible fresh & dried flowers! I made my desire to expand my business clear to the Xcelerate team and they connected me with experienced mentors that helped create a foundation for my next venture! I was able to learn how to pitch, how to create sales sheets, and what regulations apply to my specific business!

How has your identity as a woman and any and all other intersectional identities impacted your business? 

My experiences as a queer sex worker have impacted my business in countless ways, but the most obvious might be: ownership and autonomy. It is extremely important that my team and myself feel ownership over our bodies.

What were some of the challenges you faced this year and how did working with Xcelerate help you to overcome these challenges? 

I am also a full-time student studying accounting. Xcelerate helped me access the VIDA office spaces so I was able to separate my work and school life! I received in-office mentoring from amazing people and was able to stay focused while away from the cart! I was having trouble balancing and having a clean space with focused people was really helpful for keeping me on track.

Are there any wins or achievements you have celebrated this year while working with Xcelerate? 

YESSSS! 1. A bitch paid herself, and her team! I was able to comfortably pay myself and two team members without freaking the fuck out or taking a loan. Like my business made enough money to support itself and three people...what?!?!?

2. Launching "Flower Slut" and having my first client! I was able to get my flowers onto a bar's cocktail menu!

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