Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Owned Businesses to Support Now and Forever.

Support these Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Xcelerate Owners

To celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month, we’re highlighting AANHPI-owned business in our community. We have had to the honor of working with these incredible and brilliant business owners and would love to invite you to show them love by giving them a follow and supporting their businesses. Let’s continue to uplift each other!

AshbeanPDX, Ashlan Glazier-Anderson

AshbeanPDX is a full-service digital marketing agency focused on serving nonprofits and small businesses that have a positive social impact. AshbeanPDX offers multiple services: branding + messaging, content marketing, digital marketing audit, digital marketing strategy, email marketing, Google Ad Grants, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and website design + maintenance. Follow @ashbeanpdxmktg on Instagram.

Bangkok Station, Nattakamol Songsaeng

Chef Pic's culinary journey started in elementary school, leading her to obtain a Bachelor's degree and excel as a chef in Thailand. She then ventured to the US, establishing multiple locations for a restaurant chain before opening her own successful restaurant in Portland. In 2021, she expanded her culinary ventures with Bangkok Station, a food cart specializing in high-quality Thai dishes. Follow Bangkok Station on Facebook.

Bink Rabbit Goods, Jeni Nguyen

Jeni Nguyen, founder of BINK Rabbit Goods, is a bunny mom to two rescued house rabbits, Betty and Elvis. With a background in architecture, Jeni identified the challenges of having house rabbits and designed the world's first furniture solution for them. BINK combines her passions for bunnies and design, aiming to bring joy to both bunnies and their owners. Follow @bink.rabbitgoods on Instagram.

Brothy, Julia Baker

Founded by Julia Baker after struggling with gastrointestinal issues, Brothy redefines health food with a positive approach. They offer delightfully sippable broths, simmered for over 20 hours with top-quality ingredients sourced from local farms. Using pasture-raised beef and chicken and certified organic produce, their broths are rich in gut-healing collagen. Follow @brothypdx on Instagram.

Catching Up Group, Debbie Yoro

Debbie, a mental health provider of Filipino heritage, founded Catching Up to address the lack of emotional education within the AAPI community. Through workshops, Catching Up aims to enhance emotional effectiveness, combating feelings of anxiety, anger, and isolation commonly experienced due to a lack of emotional expression. Group learning provides a natural and accessible avenue for acquiring these essential skills. Follow on Instagram.

Charcuterie Me, Nai Zhao

Portland-based Charcuterie Me was founded on a love for the charcuterie experience. For Mai Zhao, the founder, food has always been a focal point of family gatherings, evoking cherished memories of laughter and storytelling around the dinner table. With Charcuterie Me, Mai aims to recreate that sense of connection by bringing people together through crowd-pleasing boards of meat, cheese, and accompaniments. Taking the guesswork out of preparation, Charcuterie Me allows you to savor the moment with ease. Follow on Instagram.

Drawbridge Innovations, Nitya Wakhlu

Drawbridge Innovations uses the power of visualization to help leaders and teams achieve organizational clarity, build alignment, engage employees and communicate complex ideas effectively. The team approached all of their work with a human-centered design mindset and leverage creativity to bring ideas to life. Follow @drawbridgeinnovations on Instagram.

Dtocs, Pallavi Pande

Pallavi Pande, a passionate Mompreneur and owner of DTOCS, draws inspiration from her childhood dining experiences in India. DTOCS rescues fully matured Areca palm leaves in India, offering sustainable alternatives to disposable plates. Moreover, DTOCS is committed to social good, empowering women artisans and supporting education initiatives in India and Portland. Follow @dtocsplates on Instagram.

EventBuilder, Lauren Meyer

Lauren Meyer is the CEO and managing partner of EventBuilder, a women-owned enterprise specializing in virtual event services and software. They excel in producing and managing virtual/hybrid events, webinars, and training programs. Partnering with EventBuilder means teaming up with dedicated experts who guide you from event concept to delivery and beyond. Follow EventBuilder on LinkedIn.

Exilior Coffee, Maya Benhma

Maya Benham and her husband, Francis Kungu, co-founded Exilior Coffee – an Oregon-based certified B Corp – to prove that there is a more ethical and sustainable way to grow and sell coffee. Kenyan coffee farmers have faced economic and environmental challenges for decades, but through new farming and business practices, Exilior Coffee is restoring small Kenyan coffee farms. Follow @exiliorcoffee on Instagram.

Haruharu Studio, Jimin Kim

Jimin Kim is the passionate owner of Haru Haru Studio, who’s dedicated to a mission of sharing Korean stories and brining the essence of Korean culture, craftsmanship, and creativity into our daily lives through her thoughtfully curated collection. Through her shop you get to discover the works of talented Korean designers, artists, and craftsmen, each piece infused with a spirit of inspiration and innovation. Follow @haruharu_studio on Instagram.

Himalayan Dumplings, Kyikyi Momo

Himalayan Dumplings is the first woman-owned Tibetan food brand in the U.S., which makes and sells Tibetan dumplings, or momos, and Tibetan hand pies. Owner, Kyikyi, started selling home-made momos and hand pies to help preserve her Tibetan culture, especially for her daughters. You can buy the Himalayan Dumplings momos and hand pies frozen, and cook them on-demand at home, or eat them fresh at the new Himalayan Dumplings café in Beaverton. Follow @himalayandumplings on Instagram.

House Nine, Miho Hatanaka

House Nine, co-founded by Miho Hatanaka, embodies the values associated with the 9th house in astrology, including fate, expansion, spirituality, and compassion. Based in Portland, Oregon, they specialize in therapeutic bodywork such as Ashiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy, and Thai massage. Follow @housenine.wellness on Instagram.

Ishq Skincare, Sarah Zareen

Ishq is committed to making organic skincare simple, sustainable, and accessible for all, while championing racial and social justice causes worldwide. Owner Sarah Zareen draws inspiration from her family's lineage of healers in Southern India, infusing Ishq products with ancestral wisdom and locally sourced, pure ingredients. Follow @ishqskincare on Instagram.

Jenna Haar Photography, Jenna Haar

Portland native Jenna Haar found her passion for photography at a young age. With eight years of professional experience, she specializes in experiential marketing photography, capturing commercial events with a keen eye for detail. Follow on Instagram.

Joyful Fertility, Simone Gallon-Langton

Simone, founder of Joyful Fertility, supports women struggling with fertility to shift from exhaustion, fear, and doubt to innate joy, ease, and possibility. As a certified Fertility Wellness Coach and IVF HypnoCoach, Simone helps break cycles of crisis and despair, guiding individuals to embrace the full potential of their fertility journey. Joyful Fertility offers a no-guilt, no-shame, safe space for courageous hearts and open minds. Follow @joyfulfertility on Instagram.

Judy Myong Acupuncture, Judy DeHoogh

Judy Myong Dehoogh, licensed and board-certified by NCCAOM, specializes in culturally responsive, trauma-informed care tailored to individual needs. With expertise in various conditions including pain management, hormonal balance, and mental-emotional health, she aims to empower patients towards improved well-being. Proud of her Korean heritage, Judy advocates for inclusivity and accessibility of acupuncture and East Asian medicine for marginalized communities. Follow @judymyongacupuncture on Instagram.

Klum House, Ellie Lum

Klum House in Portland, Oregon, is your one-stop shop and school for bag making. Founded by Ellie Lum, a seasoned bag maker with over twenty years of experience, Klum House offers kits, patterns, tools, and workshops to help makers create professional-quality bags on a home sewing machine. Ellie's superpower is teaching makers to achieve top-notch results while having fun. Follow @klumhouse on Instagram.

La Vang Foods, La Vang

La Vang-Herr is shining a spotlight on Hmong-American cuisine through her business, La Vang Foods. She introduced Hmong cuisine and culture to the Pacific Northwest with @La’s, a Hmong Food Cart in the Aloha/Beaverton area of Oregon. As the only Hmong food establishment in the PNW in the 40-year history of her people's immigration, she also offers artisan Hmong sausages and condiments made from locally sourced produce. Follow @hmongfoodcart on Instagram.

Lily Henry Jewelry, Amy Zhang

Lily Henry Jewelry specializes in repurposed, upcycled, and conversion jewelry crafted from vintage and antique components. Founded by Amy Zhang in early 2019, her passion project has blossomed into an obsession with creating unique pieces with rich histories. Each piece is meticulously sourced through extensive "treasure hunting," resulting in one-of-a-kind jewelry, some dating back over a hundred years. Follow @lilyhenryjewelry on Instagram.

Majik Edibles, Christine Walsh

Majik Edibles, co-founded by Christine Walsh in 2017, aims to create delightful cannabis-infused treats while ensuring safety and trust. Their wide range of products offers delicious and effective options for any occasion, whether you seek an energizing snack or relaxation aid. Follow @majikedibles_ on Instagram.

Masterful Planning, Smita Master

At Masterful Planning, owner Smita Master aims to create homes that clients are proud of and feel secure in. By understanding their frustrations and tailoring solutions to their unique needs, Smita fosters smiles and a newfound connection with each home. Offering full-scope interior design services, Masterful Planning collaborates closely with clients to turn their homes into sanctuaries, regardless of project scale. Follow @masterfulplanning on Instagram.

Okapi Resuables, Deb Gray

During the pandemic, Emily Chueh and Deb Gray founded OKAPI Reusables to tackle the issue of mounting take-out trash. Inspired by successful reusable cup startups abroad and local initiatives to reduce plastic waste, they aim to make it easy and affordable for cafe owners to adopt reusable cups. Their mission is to provide coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, and boba lovers with an alternative to disposable cups. Follow @okapi_reusables on Instagram.

Power to the Pelvis, Kiyoko Williams

Kiyoko Williams, OTD and owner of Power to the Pelvis, provides pelvic health occupational therapy services addressing physical and psycho-emotional conditions. With a focus on the BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities, Power to the Pelvis welcomes everyone interested in learning and growing together. Kiyoko aims to empower individuals in their daily lives through education, behavioral strategies, movement, and hands-on techniques, collaborating with clients to harness their innate wisdom. Follow on Instagram.

Sally Moon Meditation, Sally Moon Lee

Sally Moon, a certified Meditation Coach & Tapping Practitioner, offers a sci-based, intuitive, and heart-centered approach to support individuals through loss and stress. Recognizing that meditation isn't one-size-fits-all, especially for those with depression, ADHD, or physical discomfort, Sally customizes practices for resilience and inner peace. Follow @sallymoon.meditation on Instagram.

Shop Merci Milo, Caroline Rodrigues

Caroline Rodrigues founded Shop Merci Milo in 2015 inspired by a trip to Paris with her daughter, Milo. She started her toy shop to help showcase handmade unique toys and accessories for children from local artisans, traditional toy makers, creative mamas, and global brands. Caroline strives to only source the highest quality toys and ethically made goods for children from all over the globe. Merci Milo’s goal is to support local artists and small businesses and bring forth beauty and fun daily to families and children. Follow @shopmercimilo on Instagram.

Sibeiho, Holly Ong

Sibeiho, a Singaporean food startup in Portland, Oregon, co-founded by Holly Ong and Pat Lau, brings the flavors of Singapore to your table with their signature ready-to-enjoy Sambal chili sauces. Made in small batches using all-natural, locally sourced ingredients and following a family recipe, Sibeiho Sambals offer versatile umami flavor to elevate any meal. Follow @sibeihosibeiho on Instagram.

Sjarif Studios, Dazza Wong-Sjarif

As a custom jewelry designer, Dazza Wong-Sjarif is here to help you tell your unique story. Whether it's a timeless piece reflecting your journey or a statement creation expressing your individuality, Daza will collaborate with you to craft a masterpiece that captures the essence of who you are. Follow @sjarifstudios on Instagram.

Skinwise Rx, Lani Doser

Lani Doser, owner of SkinWise Rx, leads a top-rated skin care and facial treatment clinic in Portland. With a team of experts educated and experienced in medical fields, they prioritize your safety and satisfaction. SkinWise Rx listens to your concerns, tailoring treatment plans to fit your needs and budget. They take pride in making customers happy and beautiful, with the greatest reward being your smile in the mirror. Follow @skinwiserx on Instagram.

Startups for All, Susan Liao

Startups for All is an online incubator supporting purpose-driven founders and emerging social entrepreneurs from marginalized communities. Founder Susan Liao is dedicated to redefining the #FutureOfWork and #FutureOfLeadership by promoting full representation, including women of color and queer/trans BIPOC, as startup leaders. Follow @startupsforall on Instagram.

Sue Gees Sauces, Kimberly Lehn

Sue Gee's sauces and spices, known for their flavorful, bold, and slightly sweet taste, have been a family favorite since 1992. As the owner of Cameo Cafe in NE Portland, Oregon, Sue Gee shares her beloved recipes with customers. Her mission is simple: to create delicious food products that everyone can enjoy, infusing them with the sweetness of life. With a focus on giving, love, positive energy, and bold flavors, Sue Gee hopes her sauces will spice up your life. Follow @suegees on Instagram.

The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center, Tara Sonali Miller

Tara Sonali Miller is co-owner of the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center. Her vision is to foster a space that encourages individuals to connect with themselves and others in just, intentional, and generative ways. Building upon the foundation laid by the former owner, the center strives for equity and justice, centering Black and brown communities and addressing colonialism, appropriation, and supremacy in yoga practices. Follow @thebhaktiyogamovementcenter on Instagram.

The Spice Collective, Poonam Bhavan

The Spice Collective is founder Poonam Patel Bhavan’s solution for home cooks that love making dishes from different cultures but don’t want to buy the dozens of spices that are needed to achieve that authentic flavor. The Spice Collective offers spice blends with easy to follow recipes that provide you with all the fresh seasonings you need to prepare a delicious meal at home in the time it would take you to get your favorite takeout. Follow @the_spicecollective on Instagram.

Tree Swing Video, Jeany Park

Tree Swing Video consists of seasoned videography professionals dedicated to crafting storytelling videos to engage your customers and internal videos to connect with your team. Rooted in open communication, positivity, and mutual support, they prioritize client service. Tree Swing Video believes in ensuring your video production experience is as exceptional as the final deliverable. Follow @treeswingvideo on Instagram.

WOO PDX, Lauren Krygier

WOO, a POC, female-owned gift shop in Portland's historic Kenton neighborhood, offers a peaceful and inclusive space for spiritual exploration. Discover crystals, cleansing items, altar supplies, organic herbs, and a diverse selection of tarot and oracle decks. WOO also features local jewelry, art, candles, bath products, teas, books, and home decor to infuse magic into your spaces. Follow @woopdxgifts on Instagram.

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