Maintaining Your IP Protections – Rational Unicorn Legal Services Event

How to watch/protect your IP after registration

5/24/2024 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

You’ve registered your intellectual property. Now what? Join Attorney Joe Anderson for a presentation and Q&A session where we discuss:

  • How to watch/protect your IP even after registered
  • Who owns IP (IP defaults/contracting ownership)
  • Licensing
  • Filing for additional IP registrations/growing your IP portfolio
  • Year 5/6 renewal process for maintaining existing trademarks

Who should attend this class? Business owners or sole proprietors at all stages of operation.

Presenter: Attorney Joe Anderson

Cost: Community Pricing $10, $20, $35 (For our webinars, we use “pay what you can” pricing to be accessible to the community.)

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